On The Blog - Using your Planners

Hello everyone! Florence Antonette here and I am excited to share with you the love I have for organizing, goal setting, planning, with a twist of style. Ever since I was in the 4th grade I've always been a planner person. From doodling, color coding, note taking, and listing- I have always utilized planners to keep my life together. As a young girl I started with the typical Sanrio addiction that took a hiatus, but re-opened just about 3 years ago. Which then brought me to the world of planners.

Color Crush Planner with Florence

Oh why do you need multiple planners? What do you do with all of them? For myself, since I can't answer for all- I love keeping things separate. From work, household, working out, school, design team projects, goals, and memory keeping, I have different planners for some. I've tried to cram everything in one and it just looks like a chaotic mess. Although my style is a scrappy hot-mess I love how it works makes sense to me.

Color Crush Planner with Florence

Planner decorating for me isn't difficult what so ever. I do tend to gravitate to my favorite colors: mint, gold, corals/ pinks, and patterns such as floral and polka dots. I love hitting my scrap pile and using stickers, washi tapes, ephemera, stamps, and different pens.

I hope I can inspire you with my posts to step outside of your comfort zone and just go for it :) I am so excited to be a part of the Websters Pages family. I say family because it's not your typical team. I love how we bring different styles to the table and can learn from one another. You can find me on Instagram: livelifeandcreate as well as youtube: florenceantonette.

Drop by and say hello and don't be a stranger. Until next time! Florence Antonette