Webster's Pages Color Crush Folio Chelley Darling

Hello Webster's fans and paper-planning addicts! I'm Chelley, I love clouds and the color yellow, and I have a HUGE crush on Color Crush Planners! I've had at least one planner from just about every brand available on the market, and Webster's planners are far and above my favorite!

{above} I use my Sky Craftmate Folio to house all of my notetaking and productivity essentials - rainbow highlighters and pens, of course!

Webster's Pages Light Teal Planner Chelley Darling

Like my fellow team members (aren't they just awesome, by the way?! I'm so lucky to get to work with them!), I've been obsessed with pretty stationery, pens, and paper ever since I was a child. I use my planners not only for planning, but also mainly for organizing information and different parts of my life. I'm a creative entrepreneur, and I work from home, so at times I'm completely overwhelmed by ideas and projects. Having multiple planners allows me to separate and filter information, while knowing exactly what it is I have to focus on. I especially love the use of color and aesthetics for learning and managing information. For me, one of the happiest moments in life is learning something new and having a fresh sheet of paper and a rainbow of pens and highlighters to take notes with. I'm a nerd at heart - productivity systems, gamification, and planner hacks are my focal point. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and I've used paper planning to create systems to help manage my goals, track my symptoms, and overcome my setbacks. With paper planning, you have the rare opportunity to combine the beautiful and healing art of self-expression with the empowerment that comes from taking control of your actions and your life.

Webster's Pages Sky Planner Chelley Darling

While there's plenty of room for prettifying your planner and personalizing it, I'm a firm believer in utilizing your planner to the absolute best of its ability and letting your creativity fill in the rest. I believe creativity is a skill, just like riding a bike or learning to swim. Everyone is creative, and using a planner is the perfect way for anyone to discover and develop that skill. I sincerely hope you join us and read along on our blog in the weeks and months to come as we share new ideas for your planner and new ways to inspire your creative journey!

Webster's Pages Dark Pink Planner Chelley Darling

I'm constantly sharing new planner photos and planner tricks over on my Instagram account @chelleydarling - hope to see you there!