Webster's Pages Gold Planner Andrea Gomoll

I always loved to plan, to keep Journals and I've been an avid List-writer for my whole Life ...  that's how I discovered my love for Planners, which are a perfect place to bring all those passions together and it really changed my live in such a positive way. It not only helps me to stay organized and ahead of things & tasks, but it's also so much fun - I truly enjoy sitting down - planning - and decorating in my Planners.

Webster's Pages Gold Planner Andrea Gomoll

I've also been a Scrapbooker for many many years and love Project Life & Memory keeping in general - so I also love to use my Planners for Memory keeping - sort of like a Mix of Project Life, Journal, Sketchbook  and Smashbook.

Webster's Pages Light Pink Planner Andrea Gomoll

It's just so relaxing to take a couple of minutes at the end of the Day to recap the Day and to journal a few sentences about the small & big moments of the Day you want to be remembered. Sometimes I add photos, ephemera, tickets, postcards, sketches and doodles - anything that I want to keep and that will help me tell the story of the Day.

Webster's Pages White Planner Andrea Gomoll

If you want to learn more about me and my creative Journey please check out my BLOG or follow me on Instagram (where I share my creations on a more regular (well ... daily *lol*) base ... @themintgreenpolkadot and @cre8tivecre8tions. I also have a YouTube channel where I love to share my love for Planners, Art and everything Creative.

I'm really looking forward to share many fun Planner Projects & Ideas with you throughout the Year 2015 and to inspire you!