I don't know about you, but planning my kids schedules, work week, home duties, erands to run....can get...a bit exhausting! We know the busy lives you all live so we wanted to make a personal planner that was functional, inspiring & fun! Our Color Crush Personal Planners & Folios are simply a Breath of Fresh Air in my day! Take a look at the kind of craftiness you can turn yours into... or not! The beauty of these planners is that you can make them any way you want! Just leave them clean & classic just as they are or turn them into your creative masterpiece!

Webster's Pages New Personal Planners, Color Crush Made Crafty

(Anabelle used several crafty embellishments from various brands for this Caramel Color Crush Planner. The embellishments on the week view pages are sold through Webster's Pages.  Watch for NEW Webster's Pages Planner embellishments later in 2014.)


Day 1 results are in from the outstanding response & feedback we have heard from our friends, new & old! You've told us that you're Crushing most on Color Crush Personal Planner in Light Teal! Can't say I dissagree!

Webster's Pages New Personal Planners, Color Crushing on Light Teal!