Are you counting your blessings today? It goes without saying that hidden within the daily grind are those special moments, {often the most regular and routine of all}, that never cease to take our breath away. Just like the rain failling so often that we tend to take it for granted, the routine moments of life, are the ones that feed our souls, and revitalize our days, giving us new energy to pick up and keep on going. They define our days and allow us to sleep sweetly at night. For all of these reasons and more we created Sweet Routine by Adrienne Looman. Designed to capture the beauty of each day, both the common moments and those that surprise us! 

Designer Iris Babao Uy is inspiring us today to make the most of every single moment!  

Adrienne's designs help her tell her story beautifully... 

 How precious every moment is and how sweet to cherish them all!

Iris's layout is filled with passion! Every single element infused with passion and purpose! Whether you're a classic scrapbooker or love to keep it clean and simple, Sweet Routine can help you tell your story perfectly. This week we're sharing our new Chipboard Books with you at 25% OFFthe regular price!! Our Sweet Routine book is filled with beautiful art and heartfelt sentiments to help you document your favorite things! In addition, you can get FREE SHIPPING on any domestic purchase of $50 or more site wide, so fill up your cart with all your favorite items and we'll pack them up and send them your way and shipping is on us!