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Using Your Planner with Jennifer Reyes

Hi there. Jennifer Reyes here from Southern California!  I am happy to be on the creative planner design team and a part of the Webster's Pages family.

As a child, I always had a love for arts and crafts. I loved stationery of all kinds - stickers, paper, pens and markers. I also kept many notebooks filled with doodling and journaling. As I grew my own family, I started scrapbooking and making crafts. With many things going on with life, I knew I needed something to keep track of it all. I tried using digital calendars, but I could never figure out how to customize it the way I wanted to. I thought, why not use all these paper crafting products I had and incorporate them into my planner.

Jennifer Reyes in the White Color Crush

Using a planner has now become a reflection of our creative selves. We can use planners with any aspect of our lives, personal, work, school, business, home management and journaling. You have the ability to personalize and customize it to your needs. It has evolved from being an appointment tracker and a long list of to-dos into paper than can be decorated with stickers, washi tape, different color pens, different types of pens and stamps to make it more pleasing to the eye. I cannot help but smile when I see my planner because I know I have taken the time to create it into something motivational yet very useful. It has helped me boost my spirits instead of looking at a chaotic week ahead. It makes using a planner fun!

Jennifer Reyes in the Light Teal Color Crush

I love having multiple Color Crush Planners because I have the ability to switch into another style or color when I feel the need for something different. I just easily remove the inserts and simply transfer them into another planner. The Personal size is the perfect size for me. I can take it on the go and it fits great in my purse. It's not too big, not too small. Just right!

Jennifer Reyes in the White Color Crush

I hope to inspire others to use their planner in a creative yet functional and effective manner. This is what I have found to help me be more organized and still allow me to keep my creative juices flowing. Now, I don’t know how I could ever live without my planner. You can learn about my creative, organized life over at my blog “My Purpley Life“. For more inspiration, please check out my tutorials on YouTube. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Make sure to share with us your Color Crush Planners on social media using the hashtags #WebstersPages #ColorCrushPlanners #WPplannerlove

Happy Planning!

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On The Blog - Using your Planners

Hello everyone! Florence Antonette here and I am excited to share with you the love I have for organizing, goal setting, planning, with a twist of style. Ever since I was in the 4th grade I've always been a planner person. From doodling, color coding, note taking, and listing- I have always utilized planners to keep my life together. As a young girl I started with the typical Sanrio addiction that took a hiatus, but re-opened just about 3 years ago. Which then brought me to the world of planners.

Color Crush Planner with Florence

Oh why do you need multiple planners? What do you do with all of them? For myself, since I can't answer for all- I love keeping things separate. From work, household, working out, school, design team projects, goals, and memory keeping, I have different planners for some. I've tried to cram everything in one and it just looks like a chaotic mess. Although my style is a scrappy hot-mess I love how it works makes sense to me.

Color Crush Planner with Florence

Planner decorating for me isn't difficult what so ever. I do tend to gravitate to my favorite colors: mint, gold, corals/ pinks, and patterns such as floral and polka dots. I love hitting my scrap pile and using stickers, washi tapes, ephemera, stamps, and different pens.

I hope I can inspire you with my posts to step outside of your comfort zone and just go for it :) I am so excited to be a part of the Websters Pages family. I say family because it's not your typical team. I love how we bring different styles to the table and can learn from one another. You can find me on Instagram: livelifeandcreate as well as youtube: florenceantonette.

Drop by and say hello and don't be a stranger. Until next time! Florence Antonette

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Webster's Pages Color Crush Folio Chelley Darling

Hello Webster's fans and paper-planning addicts! I'm Chelley, I love clouds and the color yellow, and I have a HUGE crush on Color Crush Planners! I've had at least one planner from just about every brand available on the market, and Webster's planners are far and above my favorite!

{above} I use my Sky Craftmate Folio to house all of my notetaking and productivity essentials - rainbow highlighters and pens, of course!

Webster's Pages Light Teal Planner Chelley Darling

Like my fellow team members (aren't they just awesome, by the way?! I'm so lucky to get to work with them!), I've been obsessed with pretty stationery, pens, and paper ever since I was a child. I use my planners not only for planning, but also mainly for organizing information and different parts of my life. I'm a creative entrepreneur, and I work from home, so at times I'm completely overwhelmed by ideas and projects. Having multiple planners allows me to separate and filter information, while knowing exactly what it is I have to focus on. I especially love the use of color and aesthetics for learning and managing information. For me, one of the happiest moments in life is learning something new and having a fresh sheet of paper and a rainbow of pens and highlighters to take notes with. I'm a nerd at heart - productivity systems, gamification, and planner hacks are my focal point. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and I've used paper planning to create systems to help manage my goals, track my symptoms, and overcome my setbacks. With paper planning, you have the rare opportunity to combine the beautiful and healing art of self-expression with the empowerment that comes from taking control of your actions and your life.

Webster's Pages Sky Planner Chelley Darling

While there's plenty of room for prettifying your planner and personalizing it, I'm a firm believer in utilizing your planner to the absolute best of its ability and letting your creativity fill in the rest. I believe creativity is a skill, just like riding a bike or learning to swim. Everyone is creative, and using a planner is the perfect way for anyone to discover and develop that skill. I sincerely hope you join us and read along on our blog in the weeks and months to come as we share new ideas for your planner and new ways to inspire your creative journey!

Webster's Pages Dark Pink Planner Chelley Darling

I'm constantly sharing new planner photos and planner tricks over on my Instagram account @chelleydarling - hope to see you there!

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Webster's Pages Gold Planner Andrea Gomoll

I always loved to plan, to keep Journals and I've been an avid List-writer for my whole Life ...  that's how I discovered my love for Planners, which are a perfect place to bring all those passions together and it really changed my live in such a positive way. It not only helps me to stay organized and ahead of things & tasks, but it's also so much fun - I truly enjoy sitting down - planning - and decorating in my Planners.

Webster's Pages Gold Planner Andrea Gomoll

I've also been a Scrapbooker for many many years and love Project Life & Memory keeping in general - so I also love to use my Planners for Memory keeping - sort of like a Mix of Project Life, Journal, Sketchbook  and Smashbook.

Webster's Pages Light Pink Planner Andrea Gomoll

It's just so relaxing to take a couple of minutes at the end of the Day to recap the Day and to journal a few sentences about the small & big moments of the Day you want to be remembered. Sometimes I add photos, ephemera, tickets, postcards, sketches and doodles - anything that I want to keep and that will help me tell the story of the Day.

Webster's Pages White Planner Andrea Gomoll

If you want to learn more about me and my creative Journey please check out my BLOG or follow me on Instagram (where I share my creations on a more regular (well ... daily *lol*) base ... @themintgreenpolkadot and @cre8tivecre8tions. I also have a YouTube channel where I love to share my love for Planners, Art and everything Creative.

I'm really looking forward to share many fun Planner Projects & Ideas with you throughout the Year 2015 and to inspire you!

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Webster's Pages White Planner Rachel Lim

Hello, I'm Rachel Lim from the sunny island Singapore. I spend my days running the household and getting busy with my 3 boys (the husband and 2 sons). By nightfall, you can find me at my work desk crafting away while running my little online shop.

I started my paper craft journey with my first 12"x12" layout back in 2006, and I love creating mini albums, bookbinding, altered projects and Project Life-ing.

Webster's Pages Gold Planner Rachel Lim

All thanks to the power of social media (Read: Instagram in particular), I was exposed to the wonders of planners and the ever awesome planner community. In February 2014, I got my first ring binder planner by FiloFax. I became addicted decorating my planner, from customising dashboard to personalising the dividers; it was incredibly exciting to create a planner that truly speaks of my personality. And the most important reason why I’m so in love with my planners (beside keeping my daily schedule on track and having the to-dos checked) was that I use one of them as my personal diary to jot down important dates/events and the day to day happenings. For all the precious memories in my life with my family and friends, I have them all recorded and preserved. Now, that classified me as a happy memory keeper!

Webster's Pages White Planner Rachel Lim

Although I have both A5 and A6 planners, I personally preferred my personal size Color Crush planner which is so much easier to carry around. From where I’m coming from as a scrapbooker and paper crafter, I totally appreciated how Webster’s Pages had designed their planner insert with the perspective of encouraging creativity while using our planners. With each passing day, I’m growing fonder and fonder to my Color Crush planner. *GRIN*

Webster's Pages Planners with Rachel Lim

You can find me on Instagram @scrappinlove as well as over at my BLOG. I’d love to share with you the happenings of my planner life.

Love, Rach

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