It's almost Father's Day! Many of us are thinking and planning out ways we can honor and thank the men in our lives for being the mentors, heros, and leaders that they are to us, our children, and others as well.  Designer Jaz Lee Soo Hui remembers her hero and honors him for the life he lived and the loving father he was by documenting and recording found objects...

Jaz incorporated newspaper clippings from her father's life and a sportsman's trophy to create an awesome layout that honors his memory. She used 'Our Travels' papers and stickers by Adrienne Looman, and created a very neat little door using a paper hinge and wood veneers from 'Sprinkled With Love'.  

This is such a great idea! 

 Here's all you need to add this creative feature to any project!

To create her hinge, Jaz took a strip of paper and glued it to the inside edge of her two wood veneers! That's it! How fun! You can click on the image above to shop our selection of wood veneers