What was your today like!? Was it a routine kind of day or was it a special kind of day!? Maybe you bumped into an old friend or your kid did something really goofy! Did you snap a quick pic of your moment!? We hope so! We love how each day possesses its own kind of wonder! Today we're looking at one way to take those little daily moments and record them.

Designer Jaz Lee Soo Hui is with us today and she's sharing the most beautiful memory folder with pockets and tags

....take a peek!

Isn't it so sweet!? Jaz snapped these pics with her iphone and then used them to create her stunning card!

We're in love with everything 'Sweet Routine' right now! Such pretty colors and gorgeous images!

 Jaz's fussy cut style is so amazing...she never ceases to take our breath away!

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