Today, our very own, {AMAZING} Emma Trout is here to share a tutorial with us!
We're SO excited that Emma is sharing, not only, her BEAUTIFUL layout...


...but, also, what inspired her to create in the first place, our NEW Paper Party Straws!


Here's Emma to tell you all about it!


Here's how she did it!

Punch a 1 1/2" circle from Hello World patterned paper and glue a 1" circle on top.

Cut out your chosen design from Hello World paper and glue onto a silver ' A Christmas Story'
jewelled charm. Stick this on top of the layered circles, adding ribbons, pearls and any further
patterened papers designs you choose.


Glue this layered embellishment with a hot glue gun) onto a Hello World straw.


One example of a finished straw.


However, it would have been criminal to actually use them!!

I didn't let that put me off and created a layout with my party straws on it. 

I arranged the straws onto the layout and when happy with the arrangement, i marked the points
where the straws crossed. I cut each straw at an angle so they would lay flat on the layout
and glued them together with the hot glue gun.


Don't worry if the joins are a bit messy as you can cover them with a ribbon!

I also made some paper tassels from Hello World straws.


Simply cut a piece of straw 1 1/2" long. Work around the straw making fine 1 " cuts to emulate tassel
strings. If you prefer a fuller tassel simply cut two, fold the second so it fits inside the first and
you are done! You could add a bead, gem or cap to the top of your tassel.

Let's take one more look at Emma's finished product! See the how she wrapped the velvety ribbon
from the Hello World Mini Trim Pack around the straws!? ...and the tassels hanging from the string
towards the top are INCREDIBLE! What a terrific idea!


We hope you've enjoyed today's tutorial! Emma, thank you so much for taking the time to share your
inspired ideas with everyone! <3